Islamic wall art and décor complete the look of your home. 

Generally, wall art draws attention and pulls together your décor and makes your home warmer and more inviting.

 Some find choosing the right Islamic wall art for their space a tough task, sifting through numerous designs and options of art pieces. However, it is worth it because it adds personality and a special touch to your space and gives your décor an instant upgrade and pulls everything together. 


The number one tip for choosing the perfect Islamic wall art:

Choosing the right Islamic wall art for your home

 This is the best piece of advice to help you during your search is to find something that you love. It should reflect your taste and personality so the first step is to choose what makes you feel happy and excited. If you do not like it do not buy it.

Select art as you select your furniture it is a piece of decor, and its colors and design should go well with the rest of the room. For Islamic wall art the type of calligraphy and which Ayah or Surah you hang on the wall also must be considered. 


Selecting wall art by size:

Selecting Islamic wall art by size

 Size of the wall art is very important as it must match the size of the empty space you will be placing it on as well as the furniture sizes. Selecting the right art design with the wrong size will not give you the positive outcome you are looking for.

When shopping for art start by having in mind where do you want to place it and roughly what size should it be? Are you planning to hang it on the wall? Or rest it on top of a surface like a buffet sideboard or a desk. It is very important, as well, to take into consideration the orientation of the art depending on the space you are planning to place it should it be square, portrait or landscape? 


Here are the top factors related to size to keep in mind:


  • Proportion: it shouldn't be more than two thirds longer than your sofa
  • Height: art should be within 6 to 8 inches above your furniture
  • Decide whether you want one big piece or a collection of smaller pieces


Selecting wall art by color:

Choosing Islamic wall art by color

 Wall art is a very good medium to add color to your plain walls and compliment your color scheme. There are two approaches when it comes to selecting colors of wall art, the first is to choose colors existing in the room with slightly different shades and hues. This gives consistency and a contemporary look if that what you are going for.

The other approach is to go bold about selecting the color of wall art but still within the color scheme. For example, if you have a very dark sofa with a bright cushion, you might consider emphasizing the color of the cushion by selecting a matching bright piece of art. If you have a piece of art with certain Ayah or Surah that you want to highlight and you want it to be a statement piece you need to select bright color in order to attract attention.

Do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and to introduce new colors to your space, this will instantly upgrade your décor and reflect and inviting and exciting vibes

Wall art can make a big difference to your home which reflects into how you feel. it also expresses your taste and personality to your guests and adds depth and warmth to the room.